Meet the VBE’s

Babywearing International chapters are run by accredited Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBE) who provide instruction at meetings and support within their local communities. All accredited babywearing educators have demonstrated proficiency in a wide variety of baby carrier types as well as babywearing safety and best practices.

Nicole Bothwell ~ VP of Admin


Hi, I’m Nicole! I currently have one daughter who I’ve worn since she was nine days old. As a family that doesn’t have a lot of extra income, I can fully understand the sticker shock that often comes with your first steps into the world of babywearing. I firmly believe that babywearing is about the bond between you and baby, not about how much you spend on your carriers. I also enjoy growing vegetables, birth geekery, knitting, and working towards being more self sufficient. I also volunteer with my local food co-op, and am a founder of my local barter group.


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Lori Fredericks ~ Social media


I am a Navy wife and mom to identical twin girls! We began our babywearing journey when they were only a week or two old and were struggling to breastfeed. In the end, the girls only latched a handful of times but babywearing helped create a closeness and bond that we weren’t able to get through the breastfeeding. I am a licensed massage therapist (though currently not practicing, my hands are pretty full these days!) and in my non-twin filled spare time, I am a cheesy pop music and tv junkie.


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Kellie Greenhill ~ Fundraising


I’m a mom of an adventurous 2 year old boy and a curious baby girl. I have been babywearing since my son was born and wear my kids almost daily. I have different carrier options for different tasks and always have at least one on hand. I wear my babies to shop, clean the house, soothe a teething baby and even teach my fitness class. I also enjoy the outdoors, sewing, fitness, and supporting mommas during labor as a birth doula.

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Krystle Niemela ~ Membership / Outreach Coordinator


Hi I’m Krystle! Originally from Albany, New York and I’m Mom to two amazing girls. I started babywearing with my first daughter solely out of sheer exhaustion and to have my hands free with such a spirited, spitfire of a baby that needed me close at all times. I love the flexibility and the bond that I share with my girls from wearing them. We are a Navy family, so we “do” deployments. Babywearing is a life saver for me during the times when Dad is away. Other than babywearing, and taking on a role as one of your VBEs, I’m also a doula-in-training and have a passion and a heart for all things birth and baby related. I enjoy crafting/sewing/painting and spending my kid-less time perusing through Barnes and Noble with a london fog in hand.

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Michelle Ream ~ VP of Education


Hi, I’m Michelle! I’m born and raised in Kitsap County, but Hawaii has my heart. Eventually my family wants to move back there. I began Babywearing when my brother was born when I was 10. I always knew I would wear my own children. I started with a Beco Gemini, slowly got into Ring Slings, and then wraps! I prefer wrapping now, but I love all carriers. My husband is retired from the army, we have 2 daughters who both love being worn. Aside from Babywearing I geek out on birth, nursing, and most British TV. I love to read, hike, swim, basically anything outside! I’m thrilled to be one of your VBEs!

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Tamara Y ~ President


Hey! I am a mom to an imaginative seven year old son and dance maniac one year old daughter. I had a short, itty bitty, experience wearing my son when he was a baby but my love of babywearing really took off with my daughter. I have been wearing her since she was a couple weeks old. Because of babywearing I am able to bring my daughter to work with me and it is amazing  Other than babywearing I have a love for all things pink and mermaids and an addiction to buying hair bows for my daughter.


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Desiree Rios ~ On Leave


I am California girl, born and raised, who has fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest seasons. When my husband is out of the Navy we want to end up here for good! Before my kids were born I taught second grade in East LA, but then decided I wanted to stay home. I became passionate about birth work and started a doula business, which I love. I’ve been babywearing since my son was a few days old, with a Bjorn and Moby. I own one or two of each kind of carrier but I love my ring slings and Infantino mei tai the most! Wrapping takes too much patience for me When I’m not tandem nursing or cleaning up poop, I love to read novels, play Scrabble, hike and camp with my husband and our dogs, eat popcorn covered in a whole stick of butter, drink wine, or lose myself in a good yoga class.

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Shannon Brethauer ~ On Leave


I am a registered nurse with an intense interest in the therapeutic benefits of babywearing. I have been wearing my daughter since she was 3 weeks old, and I will wear my son from birth. I began babywearing with a Moby, then a boba wrap, and a Bjorn, and have since expanded to SSC’s, ring slings, and my personal favorite, woven wraps. No matter the method, everyone who wears a baby is a babywearer! In my free time (haha) I enjoy cooking, sewing, reading, crafting, and pretty much trying anything new.

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